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Marketing Tools

Good honest tools that will provide qualified leads, drive prospects to your site, and increase your presence on the web.  Benefit?  More Sales!

We are so sure that our tools will help your business that we will simply eliminate the risk. Check out our agreement, and see for yourself.

Tim Buhl
Owner Tim Buhl graduated from LeTourneau University in 1982
and has worked in sales and sales management for most of his career.  Frontline Marketing Tools was inspired by his admiration of R.G. LeTourneau and his belief in using tools as a way of helping others.
The Problem with Most Small Businesses

Most small business people are so busy doing the necessary tasks, they don’t take time to market.   

Have you ever made a decision to begin a consistent marketing project only to see if fizzle out after a few months?  Have you ever wondered what can be done to increase you sales?  Need some help driving prospects to your web site?  Frontline Marketing Tools is here to help the busy small business person who recognizes the need and value of sales and marketing but just can’t find the time to do it all himself (herself).

Frontline Marketing Tool Agreement: