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Cost of E-Mail Campaigns:
The Contact Solution:

E-mail needs to be consistent, relevant and sent only to those who want to receive them.  Frontline can help.  We create attractive e-mails that are able to avoid most spam filters.  You can trust they will be sent at the right time and you will be able to look at distribution reports showing the number delivered, opened, and links clicked.  We will handle the list management and un-subscribes.  We will outline the topics months in advance and schedule their release, when you want them to go.  We don’t spam.

The Contact Problem:

How often have you been talking to one of your customers and discovered she just purchased your product or service from someone else?  The  

E-Mail Campaigns...

problem is not that she wanted to, she just forgot about you.It happens all the time.  E-mail is great tool to just stay in touch and remind your contacts that you are willing and able to assist at the right time.   How many times have you said you wanted to start an e-mail campaign  but discovered that most of the time you got too busy and the job kept getting postponed?  So much for consistency.


E-Mail Design, Content Draft, and Delivery:

Large List Handling Cost: